How to Do Successful Science Fair Projects

High School Science Fair Projects

What is on this website?                                                                   
This website provides you with everything that you need to know in order to create a successful sScience Labcience fair project. Included are science experiments, science fair topics, the scientific method, the science project report, the project display board, science research methods, an example of a completed science project, and many helpful ideas for a science fair.

A list of Science Project Topics  is presented for those who have not as yet selected a topic. There is a variety of topics covering botany, chemistry, physics, behavioral sciences, engineering, computer science, zoology, environmental science and more. Consider only projects and experiments that are of interest to you; otherwise, working on your science project may become more of a chore than an adventure.  

Easy science projects and easy science experiments have been included for those of you who have a limited amount of time to work on your science project. Science Fair Ideas will provide you with advice and pointers for your science fair as well as suggestions for using these ideas to obtain a project topic. Cool science projects are available for those of who seek clever, fascinating projects for a science fair and want to demonstrate their scientific acumen.
Sufficient information is provided for you to be able to create one of the winning science fair projects.

How to Do High School Science Fair Projects

The following ten steps describe how to do a science fair project.
Science Fair Project Judging
science fair projects are judged on seven criteria which will guide you as you develop your project. These criteria are creativity, skills, clarity, thoroughness, neatness, integrity and results.  

Science Project Types
Determine which of the five types of science fair projects that you want to do: original research, demonstration, investigation, collections or models.

Science Fair Project Categories
Fourteen science fair project categories have been designated by the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF): behavioral and social sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, botany, computer science, earth and space sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, gerontology, mathematics, medicine and health, microbiology, physics, and zoology.
Branches of Science
There are more than a hundred branches of science from which to find an area of science that interests you. Examples include psychology, theory of games, nutrition, computer graphics, organic chemistry, atomic physics and endangered species.
Science Fair Topics
The listing of science fair topics is intended to suggest a topic for your project. More than forty project topics are presented on this one website
Science Fair Ideas 
Substantial help in choosing a subject for your project is provided in the Science Fair Ideas Guide as well as hints and tips on how to conduct your project.
Research Methods
There are two science project research methods: investigative research and experimental research. Resources are provided for both research methods.             

Scientific Method
The scientific method is explained by applying the scientific method to an example of a  science project. The six steps of the scientific method are described.
Science Fair Display
At a minimum your science project  display board should include the title, the hypothesis, a description of the equipment, experimental procedures, the results, the analysis and the conclusion.

10.Science Fair Project Report
Writing your science project report is not difficult. Follow our guidelines and include each of the sections of the report which we recommend.

More Information about High School Science Projects

Fun Science Projects
Discover that working on fun science projects can be exciting and entertaining. Many fascinating fun science project ideas are described.

Cool Science Projects
Cool science projects and cool experiments generate enthusiasm. Explore these exciting projects and en
gaging experiments, which stand out because of their ingenious application of scientific principles.

Easy Science Projects
Easy science projects are basic projects which can be completed in a relatively short period of time. Basic science projects will be successful when carefully researched and favorably presented.

Moldy Bread Experiment
The moldy bread experiment is an ideal science project because it is well suited for expansion into a large project simply by increasing the number and variety of variables.
Science Kits
Science kits are a great source of ideas, scientific equipment, laboratory materials and information for your science project. Use parts from a science kit to perform experiments or to build scientific equipment for your science project.
Science Project Benefits
The benefits that you will gain from doing a science project may surprise you. Twelve science project benefits are listed.

Science Terms Dictionary
Science terms pertinent to science fair projects and experiments are defined.

Science Club  
Consider joining or starting a science club. A science club provides an informal atmosphere for discussing your project, asking questions and receiving help from the other members.

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